Alt for Beffen

A feelgood documentary from Bergen harbour. 


Linda Holmedal is the captain and owner of one of the world's smallest ferry, Beffen. For 120 years, Beffen or more correct “Bergen Elektriske Fergeselskap” has brought people back and forth crossing the harbor of Bergen at the west coast of Norway.

As captain, Linda has to maneuver the small ferry in the narrow harbor. Linda knows that Beffen is important not only for transportation, but also as a meeting place, as well as a valuable experience for kids, young students and tourists. 

Linda’s father lived and breathed for the small ferry, and she was completely unprepared for his sudden death. Suddenly, she became the sole heir to the ferry and the small shipping company. She struggled her way through the official captains training. The film follows her from 2007 when she put on her brand new captains hat.

What bothers Linda the most is that Beffen is in miserable condition. 

Linda has some valuable helpers: Two retired captains, a very skilled craftsman and least, but not last, the director and owner of a shipping and shipbuilding company in Bergen.
Her advisers has found a ship yard in Estonia that can make this very small but important work: to build an replica of the little ferry.

The new boat it will again run on batteries, it will be “electric” again!

This documentary is supported by Vestnorsk filmsenter og Fond for lyd og bilde.