Anne Magnussen

Anne Magnussen is an experienced photographer and director with a background from Norwegian Broadcasting
Anne has received three major educations in the Norwegian system. This was in the time before the Film School was established , and the Norwegian Broadcasting was the only graduate in film and television profession in Norway . Educated at NRK followed the BBC's model: first application engineer, then photographer / director , and finally the great directing / producer course.
Anne has a number of major television productions . Most importantly, sufficient documentary " Safe in Danger " as revealed orphanage scandals in Norway . This documentary triggered an avalanche that led to the investigation of orphanages in Bergen and Oslo , at the state level , and several other municipalities in Norway . As a result, the Bergen municipality paid out over 90 million in compensation to the victims.
Important is also the documentary " Injured in the womb " showing the major injuries , a pregnant woman can cause her unborn child if she take drugs or drink alcohol during pregnancy. This documentary sparked a series of newspaper articles , and had a strong presence in the media . It has also gained importance for a number of caregivers who work with these children. Anne has received calls from Denmark and Sweden, where the film was also sent. The documentary has been important for a number of young people who suddenly understand why they are learning and concentration problems.
 Anne is also proud of the two documentaries about abuse in Christian communities : " Forgiveness price" ( 1 +2 ) . These documentaries led to several of the organizations improved their practices, and ethics in relation to how they reacted when new cases appeared, and led to Norway 's largest ever compensation amount to victims . This documentary got SKUP diploma in 1999.
After Anne started Embla Film AS , she focused on international contacts in relation to the co - production and sales to foreign TV channels . This work has led to that she has a good international network . She attended EAVE , a course for European film and documentary producers.
Anne has traveled extensively in England , Germany and the Baltic States in terms of networking within the television industry. She has produced , among other acts from Lithuania (for Schrødingers cat ) and has established contacts with international co-producers in terms of cooperation