Dikkedokken filmlaug

Vi er et kreativt fellesskap for filmskapere. Målet vårt er å utvikle oss kunstnerisk og produksjonsmessig,  utveksle ideer og hjelpe hverandre. Vi ønsker et større nettverk både nasjonalt og internasjonalt.  


Bergen, 18.01.2017



Szekler Legendarium’s team got to an important milestone in its pojects: we started to head to international platforms. 19 members of the Legendarium team met the Norwegian film producer Anne Magnussen in the fabulous Daniel Castle from Tălişoara.

The partnership action „Cooperation and know-how transfer for promoting the cultural tangible and intangible heritage of the Hungarian ethnical minority in Romania” was financed with EEA grants support through Measure B – Bilateral relations.

The event’s themes, to create the visualization of the heritage of the Hungarians of Transylvania was presented by our animations and our idea of building Mini Park Transylvania.

Our Norwegian guest showed us her recently finished animated documentary, entitled “The man who knew 75 languages” and told us details about the work process organized in three countries. She showed a lot of possibilities of film making techniques to the Szekler animators. Her film has a connection with Romanian history due to the fact that the main character of her film, German linguist Georg Sauerwein, was the tutor of the first Queen of Romania, Elizabeth of Wied. Georg Sauerwein fall in love with her during his stay in Wied and they stayed in contact the rest of their lifes.

Anne Magnussen, referring the linguist’s rich work, told us about the Sami minority in Norway, Sweden and Finland, and together we tried to find relationships between the issues of the mentioned minority and the Szeklers. She told that presenting and knowing the culture of a minority is the key to make them recognized by the majority.

Szabolcs Fazakas, the leader of the Legendarium project, presented the project from the beginning to the present, and also talked about the Legendarium cartoons, the Mini Park Transylvania and the design team. Anne was impressed by our projects, and although she came in order to teach us, came up with the idea to collaborate in the future. In the seminary’s remaining time we have planned some possible common projects. We checked for possible EU funds as well as EEA Grants, for cartoon project and Mini Park Transylvania. Anne told that our initiatives have great potential in our region. She appreciated that in the park we want to present the golden age of Transylvania and she desires to find financial funds for our work.

We also had time for culture and visiting legends places on site: we visited a famous blacksmith, Nagy György in Tălişoara, where we found out that Anne's grandfather was also a blacksmith. Then we went to the museum in Baraolt, where we admired the mock-ups of Chichiş battle, where the famous cannon constructor Gábor Áron fell. As the meeting was organized by Szekler Legendarium, we also visited the memorial house of Benedek Elek, the region’s best known collector of folk tales, myths and legends. Anne Magnussen was impressed by Elek Benedek’s heritage, and understood better why our mission is so important: she found out that our region has the most legends collected. At the end of the seminary we all said goodbye providing future collaboration.

Contact person from VISUS Cultural Association: Mr. Szabolcs FAZAKAS, President, phone/mobile: 0740 336 290, e-mail: szabolcs.fazakas@gmail.com.

Contact person from DIKKEDOKKEN FILMLAUG: Mrs. Anne MAGNUSSEN, President, Phone: +47 99012370, e-mail: anne@emblafilm.no.

More information about these grants are available on the website: http://www.fonduri-patrimoniu.ro/.